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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.The acquisition and the use of the personal information

We ask customers to provide necessary information called ""personal information"", such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses to contact them or to do business with them.
We handle the personal information in line with this privacy policy in conformity with the purport of the Personal Information Protection Law.
This privacy policy is a promise between customers and Sugiyama seisakusho co.,ltd. in terms of use of the personal information that customers provided.

2. Protection and Management of personal information

We constructs a necessary system in line with the Personal Information Protection Law and its guide line, and acquires written pledges from Sugiyama seisakusho co.,ltd. employees for properly handling the personal information. We limit the use of the personal information to only employees who need the information for their jobs, makes rules to save/manage media containing the personal information, and takes precautionary measures for protecting the personal information. We take preventive measures for the risks such as wrongful access, loss of the personal information, destruction, manipulation and the leakage.

3.Applicable law

For the deal of personal information, we apply the guidances & laws that our country establish.

4.Continuous improvement of a personal information protection and the structure

We apply Personal Information Protection Regulationsm and make all the employees well-known.
In accordance with change of the management environment, change of laws & guidelines, customers' opinion,
Opinion from a visitorof laws & guideline, we try to improve our activity for Protection and Management of personal information.

Established on 1st of August 2014
Sugiyama Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.
President Takahiko Ono

Disclosure to the public of our privacy policy

We make all the employees this policy well-knownm.

At the same time, we take available measures to the general people by published the policy on this website.

If any for our Personal information management, complaint, disclosure, please contact u;

Sugiyama Seisakusho Co.,Ltd., Personal information protection
TEL +81-537-86-2470