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Sugiyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd provide high quality, stable supply commutator for small DC motor.

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Corporate information

President greeting

President Kenichi Sugiyama

Our company have continued development of the commutator for small motors, and supplied consistently since established in 1955..

Furthermore, with advantages of the development technologies, we have been manufacturing precision tools, high-precision molding products, and inserted high-precision molding products. Then, we have been in customers' favor.until now.

The demand for small motor has been increasing by the change of life style and various technical innovation for computer-related peripherals, office machine, medical equipment, industrial machine, and automotive electronic parts.

We directed power towards construction of the stable supply organization of the high-quality commutator which strives for the superior product of developmental technology, original equipment, and a stable global production system.

As a result of efforts for many years, in the commutator industry for automotive electronic parts, quality and quantity build the domestic biggest manufacturer's status, high evaluation is further obtained also from overseas, and it has also come to supply the major automotive electronic parts company of each country nowadays.

In the future, much more efforts will be done in order to meet the basis of the management policy of high quality, the quantity characteristic and a stable supply, and specific technology and original products, and the tip needs of a time.

Furthermore, we wish the striving for the better human relationships and the production of environment which can demonstrate self capability to the highest, and employees realizing happiness tomorrow with a company.

Company creed & philosophy

Company creed

1. Superior Product
2. Good place of work
3. Good home

Company philisophy

1.Superior products are trusted by society and customers, we get the prosperity and well-being
2.Superior products are birth from effort and sincerity to production, the high technology and knowledge.
3.A sense of responsibility, aggressiveness and Harmony among person is a power to support production.
4.We will take one step forward and do improvement and research for tomorrow in each of the departments
5.We will continue to have efforts to study and improve personality insight, workplace which is a place of cultivation as a member of society

Basic Management Policy

High quality , High performance , Stable supply
Original technologies , Original products

Quality policy

In order to ensure the quality which can meke customers satisfied always
We will strive to ensure the continuous improvement of quality-first-principle,
To acquire quality and characterization No.1 from customers.

Environmental policy

We recoginize that our activities should be earth & nature-friendly as our duty to humann common important issue.
We promote organizational activities that comply with the environmental management system to reduce every environmental load.